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GAR Road Show October 2018

Green Acid Roadshow

In October 2018, Horizon along with several members of the Guardit team took on a nationwide roadshow to introduce the replacement for Hydroclauric Acid, Waterbased, NON-DG GAR. Members of the Brick and Block federation along with manufactures and other interested parties were invited to attend. Demonstrations were conducted in Christchurch, Tauranga and Auckland on Clay Brick and Concrete Block.
The full report can be seen at GAR REPORT

GuardIT® Green Acid is an environmentally responsible alternative acid. Green Acid is a safe alternative to harsh acids, replacing Hydrochloric Acid in the removal of cement residue. Ideally used for removing cement residue from concrete, sandstone, ceramic, terracotta, bricks, blue stone, painted metal surfaces and other similar surfaces.
Reasons to choose Green Acid
  • - Effective, replaces harmful acids , - Safe to use, - Non-dangerous goods, - Non-corrosive, Phosphate free, - Readily biodegradable, Contains no VOCs, - Non-fuming
JOB 1) A challenging job on first inspection, high in Effervescence and calcium staining with a bit of vanadium thrown in, due to very high moisture/ weather area. Trialled very carefully to an appropriate Ratio of GAR under 2:1 which was extreme for concrete masonry, in saying that there was no sign of etching, which was very impressive. Great result achieved.Sealing with Porous Breathable sealer by GuardIT, recommended.

See Below some images and videos of the cleans:-

Charles Upham Retirement Village24 Charles Upham Drive, Rangiora 740

The Red solid brick fence was core filled with concrete, hence a lot of effervescence and Vanadium staining as seen on right hand photo.We trialled some low number ratio’s nearly a 1.5:1 achieving a one wash and one spot finish.Using GAR is ideal for a sensitive plant environment job. Recommendation to seal with GuardIT Dense breathable sealer to the Caps

MVR Demonstrations

A few jobs we applied MVR: manganese vanadium rust remover. Works a treat as mentioned no need to rinse off with lighter brick colors, may need another treatment. Monitor areas GuardIT Dense breathable sealer may be required in the moister/rainy areas