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Instarmac Flowpoint Smooth

Flowpoint Smooth is the third variation of our award-winning flowable grout.


Features and Benefits
• Open to foot traffc in 1 hour
• Open to vehicular traffic in 4 hours
• Rapid setting
• Exceptional bond strength
• Shrinkage compensated
• Mixes quickly on-site with water
• Initial set after 15 minutes at 20C
• Economical to use
• Meets the requirements of BS 7533
• Ideal for large-scale projects
• Part of the Ultrascape streetscape system, which guarantees compatibility and split liability

Ultrascape Flowpoint Smooth is a fully pre-mixed dry-pack which only requires the addition of water on-site. Ultrascape Flowpoint Smooth can fill joints from 3mm-50mm widths and joint depths of up to 200mm in one pour.

Instarmac Flowpoint Smooth Application from nathan roper on Vimeo.


After Washdown, Flowpoint leaves no residue

Instarmac Flowpoint Smooth Colours

Instarmac Flowpoint Smooth is available in two colours, natural and charcoal