Probst Handling Equipment

Probst Handling Equipment

Horizon International is an agent for Probst Handling equipment in New Zealand.

Probst make a huge number of specialised equipment designed for ease of handling and quality of laying.  For the easy, exact and economical laying of slabs up to 200kg.

probst handling equipment
  • Suitable for concrete slabs, natural stones, slabs with exposed aggregates, large pavers, petrol station pavers, environmental pavers, gutters & much more.
  • Extremely easy & light laying as the lifting and setting down are done by a vacuum hose lifter.
  • Exact positioning of the slabs by means of a smooth-running pillar swing crane with a very low dead weight.
  • Slabs which have already been laid, can easily be lifted again.
  • Quiet vacuum generation using an electrical motor, or alternatively a fuel engine.
  • Can easily lay up to 300 square metres a day.

    Probst VPH Laying Equipment

    probst jumbo

    Probst Jumbo Mobile