Commercial Paving Sealer

The Guardit sealers are a commercial paving sealer. Horizon International, stock and recommend pavers sealers suitable for each of their paving products. It is important to realise sealers are not created equal. Not all sealers are suitable for all paving products. Natural Stone has different technical properties to a concrete paver and as such require a different paving sealer, a small test area should always be trialled.


The Guardit range has been used extensively on Horizon Veneto paving and natural Stone paving.

GuardIt Solutions All Stone Sealers are designed for natural stones, pre-cast pavers and brickwork. These unique water- based sealers do not affect the natural appearance of the substrate or the slip code rating, whilst giving superior protection against all stains.

GuardIt All Stone Sealers are superior water-based penetrating sealers that are environmentally responsible, easy to apply, not slippery when wet, allows surface to breathe, has no discoloration, are UV protected, and give excellent protection against water and oil- based stains as well as efflorescence, mould, mildew and algae.

GuardItAll Stone Sealers are the most effective water-based products available because of the unique benefits offered with regard to penetration, durability and they do not change the substrates appearance. It’s invisible upon application and maintains the natural look, feel and texture of the stone. It provides years of supreme protection!

The GuardIt Solutions range  features a Drylook sealer and a Wetlook sealer. Both products provide protection from staining and assist in long term maintenance/cleaning of Horizon products. The choice between wet or dry is mainly aesthetic.

Bragatto-Sealer image dry
Bragato Veneto sealed with wet and dry sealer

The same Bragato paver with liquid applied

The Image above shows the Veneto Bragato Image with the addition of the two Guard It Sealers, the first image is in a dry state, the second image after the addition of a potentially staining material. From the images you can see the protection afforded to the paver by sealing either a wet or dry seal.

The Guardit products are water-based removing the liability of solvent in handling shipping and application. In the case of the Veneto pavers Horizon can even apply the sealer for you as part of the manufacturing process.


GuardIt All Stone Sealers Benefits
  • Natural & invisible look upon application
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Toxic
  • Water Based
  • Non Flammable
  • Not slippery when wet
  • Safe with low VOC’s
  • Protects against water & oil stains
  • Prevents chewing gum adhering to and staining the substrate
  • Won’t puddle, yellow, whiten, peel, flake or crack
  • Helps prevent efflorescence build-up
  • One time breathable application

GuardIt Dense All Stone Sealer Technical Information