Residential Pavers

Horizon offers a wide range of landscape paving products to bring your outdoor dining, garden pathways or patio area ideas to life. 

Looking for paver blocks, outdoor tiles or paving slabs for modern home gardens, pool areas, a renovated outdoor area or general landscaping?

From the Honed and Shotblasted Veneto range of pavers, we offer the Nubrik clay pavers, natural stone, granite and basalt pavers, stone sets and kerb and garden edge units.

We have paving solutions perfect for paths, patios, driveways and pools matched with expert advice and a network of New Zealand installers. Landscapers will find a huge range of paving slabs, tiles and paving bricks to transform and improve any area.


Sabbia Veneto Paving

Honed Terrazzo Veneto Paving 

Bragato Shotblasted

Shotblasted Pastelli Veneto 

Nubrik Clay Paving 

Blue Stone Pavers

Bluestone Paving 

white quartzite

White Quartzite Paving

basalt and granite kerb stone

Granite & Basalt Kerb Units 

pool pavers

Basalt & Granite Sets

pool paving

Lime Porcelain Paving 

waipave permeable paving

Waipave Permeable Paving 

Bullnose Pavers

Bullnose Pavers

pool pavers

Pool Paving

Paving Sealers 

As well as a huge range of landscaping paving products, Horizon also has a large network of paver installers around New Zealand who we can recommend for a high quality installation.