TuffStuff Polymer Sand

tuff stuff polymer sand

Pavefill Stabilised Jointing Sand

  • Pavefill Stabilised paving joint filling sand
  • Recommended to lock into place all clay and concrete pavers
  • Inhibits weed growth and insect infestation

An enduring method of locking into place all types of paving, Pave-Fill™ can be used in high traffic and high wind areas, driveways and footpaths, pool surrounds, sloping sites and for renovating existing paving. This is especially suited to paved areas where mobile sweepers are used. Pave-Fill™ allows slight movement of pavers without distortion or cracking, thanks to the formulated blend of fine sand and additives. It limits paver subsidence and chipping, therefore maintains the appearance while keeping upkeep to a minimum. 

One of the main reason for failure of segmental pavers is the migration of jointing sand. TuffStuff Pavefill inhibits the migration of the sand, the polymer additive to the sand binds the sand products together and to the paving material. 

Tuffstuff Pave-Fill™ will not damage planter beds and does not produce any leachates. 

Meets Australian Clay and Brick Institute Design Manual One standard for joint sand grading and NZ specification NZS3116-1991. 

Pavefill is sold by the Pallet and there are 40 bags per pallet. Pavefill is packaged in 30kg bags.

Coverage using 50mm paver’s 10 – 12 m2 per bag

Coverage using 65mm paver’s 7 – 8 m2 per bag