Stonevue Kerb units and stair units

Stonevue Kerb units & stair units

Stonevue kerb units and stair units are designed to complement stonevue pavers, stonevue offers a traditional separate tread & riser unit or an alternative all-in-one stair kerb unit. Both are available in a full range of colours.

Large format pavers create openness yet provide texture and detail in large spaces. With an extensive range of colours stonevue pavers are an effective alternative to insitu coloured concrete.

Designed for civic and commercial applications, stonevue pavers have a dense surface for maximum abrasion and minimum absorption. They are slip resistant, consistent in colour and density throughout for maximum strength and are square edged.

Stonevue pavers are individually pressed in a number of size and thickness format’s, they can then be supplied with either a Honed, milled or shotblasted surface texture.