Granite & Basalt Setts

Granite Setts
Basalt Setts

For roading and pedestrian use

Basalt paving and Granite setts offers a natural,  classic, highly durable product that can be finished to individual requirements.

Basalt and granite sets offer a product range with very high technical properties that can be supplied in everything from small sets to the larger paving units with a large range of colours and surface texture.

Granite Setts are used in many different applications, they are used as feature units to break up areas of in-situ concrete, large full feature driveway applications through to the split top sets used on traffic thresholds to highlight the crossing of a pedestrian threshold with the split top surface.

In recent decades, cobblestones have become a popular material for paving newly pedestrianised streets in New Zealand. In this case, the noisy nature of the surface is an advantage as pedestrians can hear approaching vehicles. The visual cues of the cobblestones also clarify that the area is more than just a normal street

Horizon holds stocks of the more common sizes as below but we also supply made to order product as well, these include different colours, sizes thickness and finishes. Anything can be achieved you just need to ask!

granite sets

 Both granite and basalt paving sets can be finished in a wide range of surface textures, the staff at Horizon can advise you of the best application and surafce fit to purpose.