Waipave Water Pavers

permanent colour

This product is a permeable paver, it is made of 97% recycled porcelain floor tiles. They are sintered

zero run off

Storing up to 11L/m2

The water will transpire back into the atmosphere


At 40 mpa. This makes them trafficable

Because the product is porcelain it is colour fast and doesn’t need sealing

Wai Pave permeable pavers offer an exciting new solution when it comes to preserving the environment, managing storm water and maintaining natural cycles.

  • Less Pressure on drains: Rain water passes through Wai Pavers at a rate of up to 660mm per hour with ZERO run off, assisting in reducing surface flooding and the burden excessive water can cause on storm water drains.
  • Temperature reduction: Able to reduce surface heat by up to 10 degrees (C) or more.
  • Specific water catchment or retention requirements? Horizon can provide a fully engineered turnkey design and build solution. Please discuss with the team and we can work together to resolve the issue.



Permeability rate:

Coefficient of Friction (COF):

Cubed Compressive Strength:

Water Retention:

600 mm per hour


46 MPa

11 litres/m2

Stocked sizes (mm):

200 x 100 x 55

400 x 400 x 55

600 x 300 x 55

Other sizes available:

300 x 150 x 55

400 x 200 x 55

300 x 300 x 55

100 x 100 x 55

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