Green Acid Brick & Block Wash

Guardit Green Acid Brick & Block Wash

An environmentally safe way to clean

The latest technology in green chemistry.

Guardit Green Acid is a safe environmentally responsible product with the performance and effectiveness of traditional acids.


Advanced Green Technology
GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover® is based on the latest acid-replacement technology and whilst low in pH does not contain traditional dangerous acids. It is a unique,safe to use concrete cleaner based on organic compounds.

Using the latest advance green technology, it performs as well as dangerous acids but without the dangers of chemical burns, fuming, corrosion and environmental impact.

GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover® breaks down hard-set concrete, cement and provides fast removal of calcium, lime, rust and other heavy mineral deposits. This product works as a traditional acid and is comparable in performance to the power of hydrochloric acid whilst performing better than phosphoric acid.

Safe to Use
It is a safe, totally natural, multi-functional product that provides an unprecedented level of safety in the workplace for both humans and the environmental without compromising performance. Waste disposal is no longer a problem as the GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover® is a totally natural product; it reduces the environmental impact and reduces concerns of failing to meet environmental compliance as other acidic products do.

charcoal paver before clean
A charcoal paver with efflorence before a clean with Green Acid
charcoal paver after clean

A charcoal paver with efflorence after a clean with Green Acid

Green Acid benefits

✓ Effective
✓ Safe to use
✓ Non-dangerous goods
✓ Non-corrosive **
✓ Solvent free
✓ Phosphate free
✓ Readily biodegradable
✓ Contains no VOCs
✓ Non-fuming

** Note all standard care should be observed when using around raw metal such as Raw aluminum of Zinc Alum.

Examples of the Green Acid Replacement (GAR) in use

 GAR Demonstration Video from Nathan at Horizon