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Lime Porcelain Paving

Lime Porcelain Paving 

Lime fine porcelain provides low water absorption, acid resistance and high breaking strength. It can be utilised in a range of projects. In comparison to natural stone, the colour of our porcelain is controllable. Lime porcelain paving provides similar density to granite, but is less heavy than granite, which eases the burden of the wall for exterior wall cladding projects. Our 2cm thick porcelain tile provides breaking strength as high as other 2.5cm stone. 

Horizon Lime porcelain is fullbody tile. Technical specifications meet or exceed global industry standards. Water absorption < 0.2% , PEI wear resistance between 4 -5, high breaking strength over than 13000N, slip resistance R11. Radioactivity meets international Class A standard. 

In regards to environmental protection, Horizon Lime Porcelain is made of natural clay and 64% recycled material, with no radioactive pollution. We are also proud to have the international Green Leaf Certification for this product. By using Horizon Lime Porcelain to substitute for natural stone, the excessive exploitation of natural stone and metal tailing waste can be avoided gradually. 


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