Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone is an attractive building material, used both historically and to the present. It is a grey basalt similar to Victorian bluestone. Bluestone pavers are all volcanic stones that have formed and hardened over millions of years. Bluestone pavers are extremely dense and hardwearing, enabling this natural stone to be used in the most vigorous applications.Horizon stock and supply into the New Zealand market high quality imported Bluestone paving and Bluestone kerbs.

The Bluestone paving we offer ex stock includes a 600mm by 600mm format body paver complemented by a 600mm by 300mm, 40mm thick bullnose Unit. We also offer a 1000 *  500 * 20mm and a 1000 * 400 Dropdown Coping Unit.

Bluestone pavers are generally offered externally with a rubbed surface texture this ensures plenty of slip resistance for external use around pools and other wet areas. This can be confirmed with Opus test results.

Bluestone paving can also be supplied with a range of other surface texture, these include Bushhammered, Brushed, Antiqued and for internal or cladding purposes honed and polished.

It is important to realise when purchasing Bluestone material that you are purchasing a natural stone created through a volcanic experience, for this reason you should expect your stone to have variation in both colour and the stone density shown in visible cats paws.

Bluestone Paving in a pool and patio area.

The bullnose units are perfect for pool copings and stair treads. Bluestone pavers can be supplied in any number of custom sizes, thickness and surface texture and are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Horizon employs a very strict quality control to all parts of the supply chain, starting in the overseas quarry to the New Zealand unpack agent.

Coping Edge Details

Bluestone Square edge capping unit

Bluestone Square Aris Coping

Drop Down Bluestone Bullnose

Bluestone Dropdown Coping Unit

Cats Paws or Vents are present

Bluestone Coping Pavers
Dropdown Bluestone Paving Specials

A fantastic 60mm Bluestone Paving Dropdown Coping Unit

Bluestone dropdown coping usedas the pool surround providing a high quality, high class long term finish. 

Bluestone Dropdown Bullnose Coping

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