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Guardit Cleaning, Guardit Sealing and Guardit Protecting

Guardit Cleaning and Sealing Products


GuardIt Green Acid-Replacement Concrete Remover® breaks down hard-set concrete, cement and provides fast removal
of calcium, lime, rust and other heavy mineral deposits.

Developed as a superior alternative to dangerous chlorinated or caustic based products, GuardIt Soy Safe Degreaser is a special low foaming, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that combine safety with effective cleaning. Because of its low foaming properties, it’s ideal for use with pressure washing equipment and auto-scrubbing machines.

GuardIt All Stone Sealers are superior water-based penetrating sealers that are environmentally responsible, easy to apply, not slippery when wet, allows surface to breathe, has no discoloration, are UV protected, and give excellent protection against water and oil- based stains as well as efflorescence, mould, mildew and algae.