Nubrik Clay Paving

Nubrik Clay Paving

Horizon International have been supplying the range of Nubrik range of clay paving throughout New Zealand for more than 15 years. Nubrik clay paving is suitable for all applications, from home paths and patios through to new streetscape upgrades.


Residential Clay pavers are 230 * 115 * 50mm (nominal) size and are suitable for pedestrian and car traffic. Approximately 38 pavers are required per m2 

Commercial:- 230 * 115 * 65mm (nominal) pavers are available on request for heavy vehicle application 

Excellent examples of Nubrik clay paving are used throughout New Zealand, from Auckland, Wellington, the Hawkes Bay and Blenheim down to Nelson, Christchurch and Queenstown. An example is the KihiKihi Streetscape Upgrade. 

What are the advantages of clay paving? 


Clay pavers are long lasting and can be easily cleaned to keep them looking as good as the day they were laid. 

Cost effectiveness

Clay pavers’ longevity means their life cycle costs are much lower than most other pavers. They can also be pulled up and reused any number of times, which makes for greater flexibility, and allows better environmental practice. 


The natural colours of clay pavers are captured permanently, because they are fired in a kiln. Unlike concrete or asphalt, clay pavers will not face with age or use. What’s more, unlike stencilled concrete, which fades and wears unevenly, the look of clay pavers often improves with age.