This bold new venue is the Capital’s largest built infrastructure investment since the Wellington Regional Stadium two decades ago.

Being built on a Council-owned site on Cable Street, opposite Te Papa Tongarewa and near the waterfront, the centre will be a great addition to this vibrant cultural and entertainment precinct. Tākina offers this part of the city a transformative opportunity.

The meaning of Tākina

The name Tākina was gifted by Kura Moeahu, Taranaki Whānui.

Tākina means to invoke, to summon, to connect, to bring forth, in te reo Māori. In Wellington, the most powerful force that is summoned here is the wind.

Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington Harbour) is renowned for its unique and diverse winds. Some days they rage across the harbour, blowing everything before them. At other times, they are soft, welcoming, calm. We treasure and invoke each of them, because together they make Wellington a unique place.

Those winds are a metaphor for magic, exuberance, sharing, and ideas. The winds express the shift of knowledge from one generation to another. They move things forward. They carry truths and viewpoints here from the universe and move them on to others, thousands of miles away.

Horizon worked closely with with the Landscape Architecture team from Studio Pacific to provide a full exterior paving and kerb solution that included many bespoke items, designed by SPA and supplied by Horizon. The job was installed on the Instarmac 7533 Bedding mortar and Grouting system.



Architecture: Studio Pacific
Landscape Design: Studio Pacific Architecture
Construction: Lt Mcguniness
Landscaping: Horokiwi Paving